Posted by: zainahar69 | 23 March 2009

Misconception of stepmother and the effect to children’s mental development In Nanny McPhee the movie



Nanny McPhee (2007) a movie by Kirk Jones, reflects Misconception of stepmother and the effect to children’s mental development. Stepmother in some literary work always captured in the bad and negative perspective. This capture causes the misconception in society about stepmother. Step mother is a woman who replaces the position of the real mother because of divorce or death. It can be reveal from children character. The misconception of stepmother can be seen in two aspects, children attitude and children psychology.
Sebastian is the representative of the child that has a bad attitude. He always acts as what that he like. Children attitude that reflect in the movie nanny McPhee reveal that it was caused by the misconception in stepmother. Misconceptions that reflect affect the children attitude. They become the children that difficult to accept the new member that will join with their family. Misconceptions have brought them to the level where they become bad children. The misconception comes to them through the book that they read. Book has set their mind into negative side. They will always think that a stepmother will be a bad mother for them. This misconception has cause the attitude that bad to children mental development.
Children psychology is the main part for children to make a mental development. With a good psychology, children’s mental will growth perfectly. In this movie, the misconception of the stepmother has disturbing the psychological development of children. The bad psychological development has changed them become the children that never follow the instruction of their parents. They act as they like. All things that told to them being ignored and they want everyone listen to them. This psychological development will bring the children into mental development disorder.




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